Making Participants into Presenters -- During a Meeting

Here is how make someone a Presenter or Moderator during a Bb Collaborate Ultra meeting.

     1. Visit the Bb Collaborate Ultra page in your Bb Learn course section
         Go to and click "Courses" in the left navigation panel. And look for your course on the "Current Courses" page.
     2. Enter the Session or Course Room.
     3. Click the purple double-arrow tab in lower right.
Bb Collab Ultra Make Presenter in Meeting 1 (Small).png
     4. Click the Bb Collaborate Ultra circled ellipsis icon.png icon next to the person's name you want to make a presenter.
         Then click "Make presenter." (Or "moderator" but presenter is usually all you need.)
Bb Collab Ultra Make Presenter in Meeting 2 (Small).png
Contact Mike Galloway (, CCI Technology Services Manager, for additional assistance.
*Additional Assistance is ONLY for Drexel University - College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) instructors, faculty, professional staff, and students.*
Anyone else should contact technical support for their own college, department, university, organization, or business.