Tips for Organizing Email

Many users do not take the time to organize their email, but you may find that pinning emails can be useful to you. This allows important emails with items you want to address soon to remain at the top of your Inbox or Focused Inbox. Here's how to do this.


Mac Outlook Instructions

Web Outlook Instructions

Windows Outlook Instructions

Hover mouse over the message in the Inbox you want to pin. Look for the pin icon and click it. Repeat if you do not want the message pinned.

Organizing email into folders using shortcut keys

Mac Outlook

Cmd + Shft +M when you have selected 1 or more emails in your Inbox or Focused Inbox or a mail folder. Start typing the name of a folder or look at the suggested recent folders you have used before, press Enter/Return when the highlighted folder is selected. (Ctrl and click or cmd and click to select multiple emails). Press Cmd + Z if you moved something & didn't want to, but you have to do it right after the move (or in the last fast actions you did).

Web Outlook

Highlight 1 or more messages in your Inbox or Focused Inbox or a mail folder (ctrl and click or cmd, and click to select multiple emails), and press the V key. Type in the name of the folder you want, watch that "create new" isn't selected unless you want to create a new email folder, and press Enter/Return when the desired folder is highlighted.


It is easy to accidentally create new folders when moving messages. Create a folder called "Mail Folders" and "OLD Mail Folder" and put your email folders inside 1 of those. When you accidentally create a new email folder by mistake, you can click on the folder, see if there are messages, move to the mail folders you want to use, and then delete the folder(s) you do not need by right-clicking on them.

Windows Outlook

Create Quick Steps and assign a shortcut key combination. You will only be able to do this for about 10 email folders, and you will have to remember what goes where. Around 4 folders may be the most you can easily manage with this unless you have a great memory.