Microsoft Remote Desktop -- Mac access to Windows computer

A member of the CCI Commons or CCI Technical staff should help you with, doing some initial set-up.


 If you wish to try it yourself, here are the instructions we use to do this.

  1. Download & install & run the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" from the AppStore
          The app with the circular icon, *NOT* the square icon.
  2. If off-campus, first connect using Drexel's Cisco AnyConnect VPN application with as the hostname. 
  3. Click the + sign in the app. 
  4. On the Windows computer, you are trying to remotely access, open the cmd command line prompt application window.
  5. Type in: ipconfig
  6. Grab the IPv4 IP address ( or something like that - BUT YOURS WILL BE DIFFERENT NUMBERS)
  7. On your Mac, in PC name, enter the IP address from the above name in the "Setting up a Windows computer for Remote Desktop access" section above. 
  8. Click "Save." 
  9. Double-click the IP address from step #3 above. 
  10. User should enter: "DREXEL\" (no quotes), followed by the user's DrexelOne userid or short-form Drexel email address
          Example 1: DREXEL\mjg88
          Example 2: DREXEL\icommonscrc 
  11. Users can enter their DrexelOne password OR wait until after they have connected to their computer. 
  12. If a warning window appears that "The certificate couldn't be verified…", just click "Continue" OR click the option to proceed with connecting to the remote computer. 
  13. If you need to use another window on your Mac than the Remote Desktop window showing Windows follow these instructions:
  •   Move your mouse pointer to the top of your display.
  •   A menu bar should appear, with small orange circles on the left. 
  •   Click green to get out of full-screen mode
  •   Click yellow to minimize the window. 
  •   Click red to close the window and disconnect from your section.
  •   Do NOT turn off your remote computer.