VPN -- Troubleshooting -- Secure Gateway Not Found

Introduction and Before You Begin

This seems to affect Macs only. Not Windows.
First, make sure you are trying to connect to vpn.drexel.edu . You probably are, but check.
Next, if you still see a "Secure Gateway not found" error or the like, do the following:

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Written Instructions

On macOS High Sierra installs and up (10.13+), Apple uses APFS for file system. Either Sophos or Self Service screws up the permissions on the /private/tmp hidden folder.
You have to modify the permissions on /private/tmp (tmp folder get info). So that all users have "read / write" privileges. More then "system" needs "read / write." ​If Admin has "read," it needs "read / write." If Everyone has "read," it needs "read / write. Basically, change privileges for all users to "read/write." That will fix it.
If one of these methods does not work for you, try the other, or try logging in as a different admin.

Method 1: Terminal window method

  1. Login in as icommonscrc, or as Administrator, or an administrator.
  2. Open Terminal window.
       (a) Try cmd+spacebar key combo & use Spotlight search to find Terminal.
  3. Then type in these commands.
    cd /private
    chmod 1777 tmp
  4. Now try to use the VPN.

Method 2: Finder window method

  1. Login in as icommonscrc, or as Administrator, or an administrator.
  2. Open Finder window.
  3. Click View and click "Show Path Bar."
       (a) If "Hide Path Bar" only available, then Path Bar showing in View window.
  4. Click Desktop in left navigation panel in Finder window.
  5. Click Macintosh HD (or computer name) in bottom of Finder window (Path Bar at bottom).
  6. If you do not see Private folder, use shortcut key combo of Cmd+Shift+.
  7. Enter Private
  8. Right-click or 2-finger-click tmp and do "Get Info."
  9. In "tmp info" window, click "Sharing & Permissions."
  10. Click lock icon to unlock it. Enter logged-in administrator password.
  11. Change "Privilege" or permission for both "admin" and "everyone" to "read / write."
       (a) And do the same for any other listed users.
  12. Click lock icon to lock it again.