Zoom -- Scheduling for Someone Else -- Delegated Access


As a best practice when scheduling for other professional staff or faculty, using Delegated Access is best.

  • It also is clearer to the attendees who’s meeting it is.

When scheduling department meetings you may use your Zoom account provided no other zoom meetings are scheduled at that time using said account.    

  • And provided you don’t have any conflicting zoom meetings scheduled that need immediate attention, the link below will show how to add scheduling privilege for another user.


The process is fairly simple.

The person who wants someone else to schedule Zoom meetings on their behalf has to log in to their Drexel Zoom user account at https://drexel.zoom.us .

If prompted, please use the "SSO" or "Sign in with SSO" option,
but most will see a "Sign in Standard" button,
and should sign in with their Drexel userid and password.

And then add the Drexel email address to the schedule on behalf section.

The person who needs to schedule meetings on behalf of someone else cannot do so, until the other person gives them this access through https://drexel.zoom.us

Step by step instructions directly from Zoom:

If anyone at Drexel CCI needs hands on help doing this, have them email ihelp@drexel.edu , and we can walk them through it.