NEEDS UPDATE -- Classroom Technology -- AV Bridge Issues in Virtual Conferences in CCI Classrooms

1. Immediately send someone or call someone to get a USB tripod webcam (if you don't already have one). It will have a microphone in it.
          (a) If you are in the following CCI classrooms, skip to step 4 below, and use the USB tripod webcam. These rooms have no working "AV Bridge."Rush 014 (faulty, even when rebooted)
               i. Rush 205 (faulty, even when rebooted)
               i. Rush 213 (not installed)
               i. UC 153 (not installed)
     2. Look for the "vaddio AV Bridge" in the CCI classroom podium.
          (a) SC 326's "AV Bridge" is in SC 309 (room where echo360 device is).
           The AV Bridge device or unit may not be in the same area in the podium as circled here. In SC 326, the device is outside the classroom in the small server room past the kitchen/break room.

           AV Bridge with all input lights on.jpg
     3. Reboot the "AV Bridge." Wait 30 seconds. While waiting, exit the virtual meeting (select leave the meeting without ending it, if asked). Re-enter the virtual meeting.
          (a) Press "POWER RESET" button to reboot.

           AV Bridge power reset button.jpg
     4. If audio issue persists, connect USB tripod webcam to laptop or podium computer, and select that in the virtual conference meeting as the microphone and (if to be used) webcam.
     5. If audio issues still persist, try calling in by speaker phone.