OpenShot Video Editor

Helpful Links and Info

How to Record Your Video First

  • Use whatever works best for you and is available to you.
  • If you are not sure what to use, record yourself in a Zoom meeting, and download the video file. Instructions below.
  • Zoom -- Recording

Cannot Open/Edit a Video in OpenShot

Basic Instructions

  1. Click + sign.
    Then select your video to add.
    OpenShot 2 - click plus sign and select video to add.png
  2. Right-click (ctrl-click or 2-finger click) the movie clip.
    Then click "Add to Timeline."
    OpenShot 3 - right-click and add-timeline.png
  3. Click OK to add video clip to timeline.
    Agree to default settings.
    OpenShot 4 - click OK - go with defaults on Add to Timeline window.png
  4. Click |< to move play head to 0 seconds, or start of timeline.
    OpenShot 4_5 - click pipe left angle bracket - moves playhead to 0 seconds or start.png
  5. If you want to add another video clip after the 1st clip.
    Click >| to move play head to end of clip on timeline.
    OpenShot 5 - video added - right angle bracket pipe for end of vid clip.png
  6. Zoom bar lets you change the time intervals between the ruler hash lines on the timeline.
    Vertical scroll bar lets you scroll up and down through tracks.
    Tracks let you overlay images or video (or add audio) on top of other video.
    Horizontal scroll bar lets you scroll left and right, or earlier or later, on the video timeline.
    OpenShot 6 - zoom bar and scroll bars.png
  7. If you want to actually add another video clip, click + sign again.
    OpenShot 7 - click plus sign again to add another video to project files library.png
  8. As before, right-click (ctrl-click or 2-finger click).
    And select "Add to Timeline" to add another video clip to the timeline.
    OpenShot 8 - right-click new clip - add to timeline.png
  9. Cut something out in the middle of the video?
    Click scissors icon.
    Then click the beginning of the part of the video you want to remove.
    OpenShot 10 - start cutting out a section in middle of video clip.png
  10. Click the end of the part of the video you want to remove.
    OpenShot 11 - cut out the end of video section you want cut out.png
  11. Click the cut-out video segment you want to remove.
    Press delete or backspace key to remove it.
    OpenShot 11_5 - click segement - press delete key to remove segment

Saving Your Video Project & Exporting Usable Video

You need to save your project in case you want to edit it again. It'll be saved as a project file.

This project file is NOT something you can upload or share as a video.

So once you save your project file, you need to export your project as a usable video file.

Both are easy to do. Here's how.

  1. To save your video project, click "File" > "Save Project as."
    OpenShot 12 - click file - save project as
  2. Save your project file to where you wish on your computer.
    Make sure it's some place you'll be able to find later.
  3. To export your project as a usable video file, click "File" > "Export Project" > "Export Video."
    OpenShot 13 - file - export project - export video
  4. Export video with the default settings.
    Other good export options are 1080i 30fps or 720p 30fps.
    OpenShot 14 - export to 720p 30fps
  5. Save the video to where you wish on your computer.
    Make sure it's some place you'll be able to find later.

Kaltura Drexel Streams to Put on Bb Learn or Other Sharing

Use these instructions to upload your video to Bb Learn or Kaltura Drexel Streams.

Problems Uploading

  • Try again.
    Sometimes Kaltura or Drexel Streams has flukes.
  • Also, close/re-open your web browser.
  • Or try a different web browser.
  • If the video is said to be incompatible or too large,
    Handbrake has been the free go-to for a long time to quickly solve those issues.
    See Handbrake -- Smaller Video File Size or Converting Video