Bb Learn Archiving Student Content

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Someday, Drexel ITG, the central Drexel Bb Learn office, plans to start moving Bb Learn quarterly course shells offline if those shells are over 5 quarters old. However, ITG has been saying this for literally years now. Regardless, instructors should expect to have access to their current quarter's Bb Learn course shells until the end of the same quarter one year from now. For example, instructors will retain access to their fall 2016-2017 (fall 2016) quarterly Bb Learn course shells until the start of the winter 2017-2018 (winter 2018) quarter. Each quarter, we will reach out to Drexel CCI instructors to see if they need to retain ready access to any course content from one year prior.

To preserve your Bb Learn course materials for longer than that, if Drexel ITG ever does start archiving courses, we can copy your course materials to sandbox or development shells that will remain indefinitely. Sandbox shells do not contain Discussion Posts, Announcements, Blackboard Collaborate sessions and recordings, Wiki/Blog/Journal pages, groups (including individual group areas and group assignment settings), student grades, or student test or assignment submissions.

ForĀ preserving student records, content, submissions, and/or grades, the webpages below will tell you how to download those from your Bb Learn course shell. If you need to download blog, journal, or wiki content, or some other content not listed below, let us know, and we'll provide further instructions. If it is a few weeks before you get around to downloading the student content, that should not be a problem