User Profile and Status

Avatar/Profile Icon

  1. Go into your User Settings by clicking the Cog/Gear Icon (⚙︎) at the bottom-left part of the app
  2. Navigate to the User Profile tab
  3. Press the Change Avatar button
    Discord settings gear -bottom left next to your photo.png


Note: Usernames are case-sensitive -- which means capitalization of letters matter!

For example: cat#1234 and CAT#1234 are two different usernames for two different accounts!

Note: Usernames can be changed up to 2 times per hour

  1. Go into your User Settings by clicking the Cog/Gear Icon (⚙︎) at the bottom-left part of the app.
  2. While you're in the My Account tab, click the Edit button next to your username.
  3. Edit your username in the Username section.
  4. Enter your current password in the Current Password section.
  5. Click Done to save.
  6. Click X Esc to return to Discord.

    Discord User Settigns - My Account - Change Username.png

    Discord user settigns - changing username.png

User Status

To Set/Clear User Status

  1. Click your profile icon at the bottom-left part of the app.
  2. Select the status that you would like to appear as on Discord.


  • Will receive all notifications.
  • Default Status.


  • Will receive all notifications.
  • Sets automatically if there was no mouse movement or typing for a period of time.
  • When there's mouse movement within the window again, online status returns unless Idle status was set manually.

Do Not Disturb

  • Disables all desktop and push notifications, even from mentions.


  • Lets you use Discord normally while appearing offline, however the typing indicator will still be displayed when typing.
  • Will receive all notifications.


  • Lets you add your own message you want to be displayed on your profile (128 character limit).
  • Has the option to make custom message expire after a set period of time.