Zoom -- Remote Access to Windows or Mac Computer

Need to See Android or iPad or iPhone Screen?

For Windows or Mac Computer, do the following:

  1. Login to https://drexel.zoom.us on your computer.
    Use icommonscrc or your own account.
  2. Host Zoom meeting with NO video.
    Close box to "Join Audio."
    Talk to end user on the phone.
  3. Note meeting ID # at top of Zoom meeting.
  4. Have end user go to the following URL.
  5. They click "JOIN A MEETING."
  6. They enter Meeting ID #, and click "Join."
  7. They install/open Zoom, if prompted.
  8. They close the "Join with Computer Audio" window.
    And click "Continue" to confirm that choice.
  9. They click "Share" at bottom.
    Then click "Share" again.
    Have them move mouse over Zoom window if no "Share" button appears.

You should see their screen now.

When finished with meeting with the end user,
end the meeting "for all" on your end.

Do you need to control their computer?

  • They move mouse over green tab. A Toolbar appears to them.
  • They tap Remote Control.
  • They choose your name or icommoncrc,
    and "Give Mouse/Keyboard control to."
    When finished with end user,
    end the meeting "for all" on your end.