Student Webpages on Tux

Explanation:  All CCI students have a Tux account, and are able to host web pages through their CS Account on the tux system (


  1. Log into Tux ( using your Drexel userid and Drexel password.
    This will require some kind of a command line terminal with SSH enabled.
    See Tux Login and Connections
  2. Locate/move to the "public_html" directory within your home directory.
    Use your Drexel userid in place of abc123.
    Example: cd ~abc123/public_html/
    Note: things in this directory can be accessed through your public Drexel link
  3. Create/Relocate file in the "public_html" directory and set permission level to 664
    Location Example: cd ~abc123/public_html/helloWorld.html
    List Files/Folders command to find helloWorld.html Example: ls
  4. Permission example: chmod 664 /home/abc123/public_html/helloWorld.html
  5. Access files through public Drexel web link.
    Path names are determined stemming from your "public_html" directory
    index.html files can be used to set base pages for directories including "public_html"

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