echo360 -- Interactive Features Video

Video Length

~9 minutes

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Video Outline

     1. Check for Class Capture area in your Bb Learn course shell
          (a) If missing, contact Mike Galloway
     2. Enter Echo360 system through Class Capture area
          (a) Allow pop-ups on first-use
               i. Then visit course home page and try again
     3. Adding a virtual classroom
     4. Adding content to virtual class
          (a) Upload file
          (b) Import pre-existing Echo360 presentations
          (c) Create new presentationAdd slides
               i. Add activity
                    1. Multiple choice
                    2. Short answer
                    3. Image quiz
                    4. Ordered list
                    5. Numerical question
               i. Add other activities or slides
     5. Instructor point of view of slide/activity
          (a) # of submissions
          (b) Stop/re-start activity
          (c) See results
          (d) Show correct answers to students
          (e) Reset activity
          (f) Hide/unhide slide/activity
     6. Student point of view of activity
          (a) Enter Echo360 course page through Class Capture area
          (b) Can send a response by phone text message
               i. Student must add number in their account profile
     7. Q&A Feature
          (a) Discussion Board forums on specific class or course in general
          (b) Instructor view
          (c) Student view
          (d) New posts appear without needing to refresh the page.
     8. Export activity results to your computer
     9. Export to Grade Center
          (a) not working as of yet