CCI Faculty Websites

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The CCI Webserver that hosted faculty websites was recently retired.  All the hosted websites have been moved to a Linux environment.  Your site is now hosted on  You can connect to the server using any ftp client. 

FileZilla is a popular client if you need one  If you are not familiar with using FileZilla there is a full article here that describes how to use file zilla. 

If you are using this article as a guide please be sure that you are using the host, username and password specified below since the linked article is a general guide.

When connecting to tux to edit your faculty website you can use your Drexel username and password.  Your username must include, see example below

To connect via sftp please use the following details

Host: s

Username:  abc123

Password: [Your Drexel Password]

Once you are connected you will see a directory called ‘public_html’ this is where the contents of your site are hosted. 

If you would like you can also connect via ssh and modify files using vi/vim, etc… To connected to the server via ssh use the following command


Once you are prompted for your password enter your Drexel password.

Once logged in you will be brought to your home directory.  The public_html folder that contains your website is in your home directory.