VPN -- Troubleshooting -- Login Failed, Cannot Connect, MFA Authentication

Most Frequent Issue - If Using Authenticator App

>>>>>EVEN IF YOU SEE "LOGIN FAILED"!!!!!<<<<<<

  • Make sure your check your phone if you use the Authenticator app for a notification. 
  • Actually open up the Authenticator app on your phone to check as well.
  • Click the Drexel account if you have more then 1 account there.
  • And click the circling arrow refresh icon.
  • Sometimes, notifications to approve MFA do not appear until you do this.
  • IF THIS DOESS NOT HELP, try what is suggested in next section.

Just Got a New Phone? Can't Login or Approve MFA

>>>>>EVEN IF YOU SEE "LOGIN FAILED"!!!!!<<<<<<

If you just got a new phone, and you can't login or approve MFA...

Even if you see "login failed" or similar...

Try to login to https://portal.office.com on your preferred web browser on your laptop/computer WITHOUT needing to approve MFA.

Then try to visit https://aka.ms/mfasetup in that same web browser to set up a text msg MFA method.

Or try personal email using a non-Drexel email, especially if you are TRAVELING.

Then set text that new MFA method (not Authenticator app) as your default. 

If you get this working, you can make your Authenticator app the default again.

We always recommend having a backup MFA method, like a text message or personal email, just in case you can't login.

Do NOT willly-nilly approve MFA request.

If you run into any further issues with MFA approval, or the above does not help, you need to reach out to 215-895-2020, press 2, then 1.  Recommend calling Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.

More Troubleshooting Tips

Make sure you have the following entered next to the "Connect" button in the VPN app.


Also, a VERY COMMON issue is that those using an Authenticator app are not prompted by the Drexel VPN app, also known as Cisco AnyConnect VPN app, on their computer. 

  • Or missing the notification on their mobile device.
  • They enter their username and password, and see "Login Failed" or it just hangs.
  • If you are using an Authenticator app, check your phone for an Approval notification.
  • If you do not see notifications, open or unlock your phone, check again, and then actually bring up the Authenticator app on your phone.
  • Click the 3 dot menu icon or 3 line menu icon (or more options or settings icons), and look for showing or refreshing notifications.
  • Also, click into any account in your Authenticator app, if the account is listed when you open the app, or you have multiple apps.
  • Or swipe down on your phone to refresh Authenticator if you can.
  • And try logging in again to get a new notification.

If you cannot approve MFA authentication at all...

you probably need to reset your MFA authentication method. Or set one or a different one. 

If the authentication is still failing, and if you use the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone, please make sure to check the app to see if there is any approval requests. 

See below for help with this.