Papercut -- Cannot Print to Black & White or CCIBW or BW

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When printing to the black and white queue on PaperCut, you may come across an error (similar but not exact results to the photo) where the page shows up as a glitched color page. Other glitches may also occur. This problem happens often in Chrome since it defaults the browser to print in color despite choosing to print in black and white. This issue can occur when trying to print to CCIBW - the PaperCut black and white printer.

Papercut - Chrome set to print to color but printing to BW CCIBW.jpeg

In order to fix this error:

  1. The web browser should have an option (most likely dropdown menu but others as well) to ask if you want to print in color or black and white.
  2. Select to print in black and white for the black and white printer.
  3. When printing black and white to the PaperCut black and white printers, CCIBW, double check that the web browser is set to print in black and white.