Zoom -- Pre-Assign Participants to Breakout Rooms


For Drexel students, staff, faculty, or instructors, you must use their long-form Drexel email address.

  • Drexel long-form email addresses go to the same email inbox as Drexel short-form or abc123 or userid email addresses.
  • DU IT for some reason likes to use the long-form email address in Bb Learn and Zoom and such.
    We're not sure why, but yes, it's silly. 
  • Look up each person by last-name, first-name in the Drexel directory website below.
  • https://drexel.edu/about/contact/
  • Sometimes short-form email addresses work,
    but it’s almost always best to use the long-form email addresses first,
    and then try the short-form email.


  • During a Zoom meeting, the Host can click the Breakout Rooms icon,
    click the gear icon,
    and check a box to allow participants to choose their own breakout rooms,
    if you want to allow your students or meeting participants to choose their own Breakout Rooms.