Zoom -- Whiteboard, 2nd Webcam, and Writing

Using PowerPoint

Zoom's Built-in Annotation or Whiteboard Feature

Enable Students/Participants Use of Shared Whiteboard

You can disable that, or enable that again. Here's how.

  1. Login to https://drexel.zoom.us
  2. Click Sign In Standard > Settings.
  3. Scroll down to "Annotation"
  4. Click on/off switch to "Allow participants to use annotation tools to add information to shared screens."
  5. Click on/off switch to "Allow participants to share whiteboard during a meeting."
  6. Click on/off switch to "Auto save whiteboard content when sharing is stopped."

2nd Camera in Zoom

Join Meeting Again from Phone or Laptop

Concept can work with Bb Collaborate Ultra as well.
Works or Android, iPhone, iPad, ChromeOS, FireOS, Linux, or just a 2nd laptop or device.

Use iPhone, iPad, or iOS AirPlay

Use DroidCam App (Android)

Android shown here but works with iOS too. Super simple. Does not work on Mac laptops.

Use EpocCam

Works with iPad or iPhone on Mac laptops and desktops. Newer iPads or iPhones recommended for this one.

Use Surface as a 2nd Monitor with Pen Support

Use Miro Virtual Whiteboard

This concept can also work with Bb Collaborate Ultra as well. Excellent virtual white board, with post-its!