Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Tools

Follow these instructions for Adobe Acrobat accessibility:

1. Open the file

Adobe Acrobat 2 - scan AND OCR

2. Select recognize text and the file you want it to recognize the text

Adobe Acrobat 3 - scan and OCR

3. Select the page(s)
Adobe Acrobat 4 - scan and OCR

4. This tool will scan the page and make the image searchable by text

Adobe Acrobat 5 - scan and OCR

5. Go to "tools" and select the accessibility 

Adobe Acrobat 6 - Accessibility check

6. This will allow you to select the accessibility options you want to be checked for in your document

Adobe Acrobat 7 - Accessibility check

7. Go to "accessibility check"

Adobe Acrobat 8 - Accessibility check

8. It will scan your document based on the selection you have made
Adobe Acrobat 9 - Accessibility check

9. Select "ok" and Adobe will automatically do the accessibility checking 

Adobe Acrobat 10 - Accessibility check

10. You can put an alternative text to the image text given

Adobe Acrobat 11 - Accessibility check

11. For the title of the image you can select "fix" to change the name

Adobe Acrobat 12 - Accessibility check

12. Select 'explain" to give further details

Adobe Acrobat 13 - Accessibility check

13. This page gives further details on how to change the language in the accessibility

Adobe Acrobat 14 - Accessibility check

14. This lets you know what issues there is with your alt text

Adobe Acrobat 16 - Accessibility check

15. Select the image and then right click and select "select tool" to make changes

Adobe Acrobat 17 - Accessibility check

16. Remember to save changes made to the document

Adobe Acrobat 18 - Accessibility check