WebDav does not work in BB Learn - alternatives

If the below doesn't work, ask Brian Bijeau if there is a way to have a shared permission webfolder on Tux for public_html sites, or just both instructors share a folder in OneDrive where you both put files into it [link to our support.cci.drexel.edu page on this]

Due to the way that we authenticate to Drexel Learn (via Drexel Connect), WebDAV is not supported for uploading files. 

If you don’t want to offer files through your course website, because it’s too public or something, you can use OneDrive instead. 

Managing sharing capabilities for folders with files in them (or files in general) is easiest done through web OneDrive. 

Instructions below. With 3 notes. 

NOTE: If you have 300 or more students, NOT counting TA’s, or 300 or more people you are sharing this with, this *MAY* not work. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/sharepoint-online-service-description/sharepoint-online-limits If you have less than 300 students, this will work fine (but remember TA’s or any other non-students you share this with get counted. 

2nd NOTE: This is NOT recommended for sharing with people outside of Drexel University (not recommended for sharing outside your organization). We don’t know why, but many people can’t seem to grasp the concept of creating accounts or having multiple accounts. If you want to test the waters on this, feel free, but you know, expect utter catastrophe. 

3rd NOTE: If you have never shared OneDrive files before, email ihelp@drexel.edu and arrange a test of sharing a folder with some files with one of our student assistants. They can assist and even arrange a screensharing meeting to work out any kinks. 

  1. Visit https://portal.office.com, login with Drexel userid and password, click cloud or OneDrive icon in left nav.
  2. Upload folder with files (or group of files). Select folder or files.
  3. Click “Share.”
  4. Click “People you specify can edit.”
  5. Uncheck “Allow editing.” Click “Apply.”
  6. In the Bb Learn course section’s left nav panel, click to expand “Grade Center.”
  7. Click “Full Grade Center” > “Work Offline” > “Download.”
  8. Select “User Information Only” & “Comma.” Click “Submit.” (If select “Tab,” ignore error in Excel about unsafe file. It’s safe and will open.)
  9. Click “Download.”
  10. Select the username column, copy paste it to a good free plain text editor (Notepad++, Atom, Sublime, BbEdit, TextEdit, etc). Or notepad or default text editor on computer.
  11. DELETE row with any “_previewuser” users, if any. They’ll stick out.
  12. Add @drexel.edu; to the end of each student’s userid. Keep all userids on their own row still, even after adding @drexel.edu.
  13. You *must* included the semicolon or ; after @drexel.edu after each userid.
  14. No space between userid and @drexel.edu; ( so mjg88@drexel.edu; and not mjg88 @drexe.edul; ).
  15. Tip for doing this below if you understand find & replace and regular expressions or grep.
  16. Copy/paste altered list from text editor to web OneDrive window’s field that says: To: Name, group or email.
  17. Let web OneDrive resolve all emails addressed. Takes 30 seconds to a few minutes.
  18. Click “Message…” Type in a message to let students or users know what this is.
  19. Click “Send” *OR* click “Copy Link” and include link in Bb Learn or a separate email or announcement.
  20. Make sure students know how to get to OneDrive. (Copy/paste step 1 above into Bb Learn or send email or announcement.) 

Tips for adding @drexel.edu; to end of each user.

Option 1:

  1. Copy @drexel.edu;
  2. Put cursor at end of userid in row one.
  3. Ctrl + v or Cmd + v to paste.
  4. Hit down cursor arrow key.
  5. You’ll be at end of next line.
  6. Repeat until finished. 

Option 2:

  1. If what I saw below does not make sense to you, you will need to use Option 1.
  2. Use Find & Replace or Replace with regular expressions or grep.
  3. If available option, Perl flavor recommended, or just try default.
  4. Replace all instances of this: \n
  5. Make all line terminators or line breaks or end of lines into the Unix or LF or \n ones.
  6. With this: @drexel.edu;\n
  7. Make sure last row has @drexel.edu; added to end.