WiFi Internet or Web Speed Issues at Home or Apartment

For anyone in the US with internet connection or speed or reliability issues

For those on or near campus, you can reserve spots and/or use Drexel Hagerty Library.

  • Contact the library before going, though.
  • This option is best when you are close to campus or on-campus & really don't have any other good internet options.
  • https://www.library.drexel.edu/

Off-campus WiFi issues at your home or apartment

You do NOT have to do all or most of these suggestions. 1 or more may help. But keep trying others if the ones you tried did not help.

If you want to test any of these suggestions below, or just have further questions or run into issues implementing these,
reach out to ihelp@drexel.edu if you want to arrange a test Zoom or Ultra or other call with us.

ONLY students taking Drexel CCI classes, or faculty and staff working for Drexel CCI, should email ihelp@drexel.edu.

  • Update Windows 10 & make sure your particular computer manufacturer's & CPU & GPU drivers and firmware are updated (beyond just running Windows 10 updates).
    See Properly Update Drivers in Windows 10
  • Move yourself closer to your home internet router/modem.
  • If you have a choice between 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi networks at home, try both to see what is better.
    Note that 2.4 GHz travels farther than 5 GHz but 5 GHz often can provide a better internet signal.
  • Quit or close any unnecessary apps, especially ones used for social media or messaging.
  • Close any web browser tabs and windows you are not using.
  • A wired connection is more dependable and still often provides better service than WiFi.
    Many routers or modems let you plug an Ethernet or LAN cord in the back, and those are super cheap.
    You can get cheap adapters for USB-to-Ethernet or USB-C-to-Ethernet if your computer does not have an Ethernet port.
  • MUCH MUCH More Advanced Users can try increasing IRP Stack Size
    See Improve Network Speed in Windows 10 by Increasing IRPStackSize
  • Try using your mobile device for internet.
    Use the HotSpot feature on Android & iPhone.
    Use Zoom or Ultra on your cellphone or mobile device itself, though, if possible.
  • If you have "unlimited" internet through your cellphone provider,
    you can use Zoom or Ultra or Bb Learn on your mobile device.

    Bb Learn on Mobile Devices -- INCLUDE -- Bb Learn on Mobile Devices

    Zoom Mobile
    Same instructions as 2nd device webcam for Zoom.
    You don’t need 5G for Zoom or Ultra or the like.
    We could do a test Zoom or Ultra call or the like with you if you want. Email ihelp@drexel.edu if you are taking CCI classes or are a CCI staff or faculty member.

Avoid using video during Zoom or Ultra meetings.

  • Use your phone for audio in Zoom and Ultra, rather than your computer microphone.
  • Reduce your own screen resolution on your computer.
    Mac: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/mac-help/mchl86d72b76/mac
    Windows: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14108/windows-7-change-screen-resolution
  • Many cities and towns have a lot of public WiFi options.
    The public WiFi might be a better option.
    Being outdoors in Fall, Spring, and Summer can often be a very viable option, at least in a pinch.
    Google places or look on Yelp for what has WiFi.
  • Use the Drexel VPN for better security when on a public wifi network,
    like Starbucks or a borough of NYC or Philly.
    ONLY works if you have a Drexel account or are a Drexel student, employee, instructor, or faculty member.
    Once connected to Drexel’s VPN, you are safer from snoopers on the same WiFi network.
    More on Drexel VPN
    VPN usually slows the connection down, though.
    So if VPN makes it worse, the secure(s) part of https websites that Drexel uses is pretty effective as well,
    and does a decent job of keeping your info private in Zoom sessions or using Bb Learn,
    though people may know what websites you go to, if they use a packet sniffer like Wireshark.
  • Close any open web browser tabs you are not using & close any applications you are not using.
    If there application or web browser add-ons you are not using, uninstall those, when you get the chance.
  • Run an internet speed test. There are various ones, but one example is Google's Speed Test.
    For Zoom or Bb Collaborate Ultra or Teams virtual video conference,
    you definitely need 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload.
    Other similar apps will need that as well.
  • Try disconnecting any other devices on the internet while you are on a Zoom or Ultra call or the like,
    especially if you don't have very fast internet.
  • You may also want to test for internet or web packet loss:
    See Testing internet or web packet loss.
  • If you do not have that speed of internet & should, reach out to your internet provider.
  • If you cannot afford greater internet speed, ask about low-income internet options from your internet provider.
  • An advanced option:
    Apply Cloudflare DNS resolving address as your primary DNS address on your computer.
    This OFTEN stabilizes internet connectivity issues (at least to some degree).
    See Changing DNS - Cloudflare and Drexel DNS
  • Another advanced option (Windows 10 only):
    Change the IRPStackSize.
    See Improve Network Speed in Windows 10 by Increasing IRPStackSize.
  • Another advanced option (Windows only):
    See https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/f7ed9049-36a5-4def-90f8-14ebb70e6671/error-code-0x4?forum=winRDc

    If you are NOT 100% comfortable or confident with regedit.msc, do NOT use the above website. You can have irretrievable damage and even irrepairable damage to your computer by screwing around with your system registry.

Email ihelp@drexel.edu, and give us some details, we *might* be able to suggest other ideas.
(Like maybe a cheap-ish device to turn electric outlets into internet conveyance for a more dependable wired connection, but there could be security issues.)
We can’t promise anything, but we’d be happy to try and offer advice for this.
We are also happy to help you test any of the suggestions above, or have further questions