Introduction & We Use LTI 1.3

Gradescope is something Drexel CCI officially supports as of SP 23 or so.

There is now integration of Gradescope into Bb Learn. 

Linking Your Course in Bb Learn

NOTE: We use LTI 1.3 for the Gradescope LTI in Bb Learn.

We HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend instructors, TA's. and students access GradeScope through a Course Link the instructor can create in their Bb Learn course section. It will help with account creation, and avoid duplicate courses and assignments and even duplicate users. Duplicate user accounts can be merged. More on that below.

We've had instructors just go their own way, and end up with half their assignments in a Gradescope course not connected to Bb Learn and half their assignment in a completely different Gradescope course connected to Bb Learn, and students submitting to both, and not realizing any of this until week 8 of the quarter.

To begin, see the "Linking your Courses" section and video at:

You would make such a link in a "Week" content area or other content area that has the "Build Content" and "Assessment" and "Tools" and "Partner Content" drop-down menus on the page.

Again, everyone should access GradeScope through the Course Link you create in Bb Learn.

Creating/Linking Assignments

For help with creating/linking assignments,
see the more general link for "Using Gradescope with Blackboard as an Instructor - Gradescope Help Center" at:

Just like with Course Link, everyone should access GradeScope through the Assignment Links you create in Bb Learn.

Syncing Your Roster

For syncing your roster, see:

Recommend to sync your roster once in week 1 and once in week 2.
And after that, just when students you know students add/drop.

Students' long form Drexel email address will be their login userid for Gradescope.

Posting your Grades

For Posting Your Grades, see:

Merging Previous Gradescope User Accounts

​​​​​​​Previous user accounts can get merged with above accounts.

Princeton has KB page on the merge account issue:

NOTE: If a TA or student or instructor doesn't see a class of theirs in Gradescope.

  • And possibly were logging into Gradescope with their shortform Drexel abc123 email or Drexel abc123 userid or a different email address…
  • You look for a message that says you can merge email addresses and accounts together
  • Once you merge the accounts in Bb Learn…
  • Click the link again to the Gradescope assignment or course

F.A.Q. & Troubleshooting

GS = Gradescope below.

How do students enroll in the GS course? Do I have to click "Sync Drexel Learn Roster" in GS? Will I have to click this again if students add/drop the course to keep the GS roster up to date?

  • You do need to click "Sync Drexel Learn Roster." 
    And yes, if users are added or dropped within Blackboard,
    you'll need to click the link above to re-sync again.
    WE recommend syncing once early next week (Tues or Weds).
    Then syncing once more early week 2 (Mon or Tues), after students' add/drop period is over.
    After that, you won't need to sync again unless someone drops.
    Any existing submissions and grades assigned to dropped students will be preserved in GS. 

What's the purpose of the GS LTI tool link in BB? It seems to just open GS in an iframe on BB. Do students need this, or can they just go to directly? Do I have to visit GS from this link?

  • You and your students should use the GS LTI too link in Bb Learn. Because the GS LTI Tool Link lets embed GS in your BB Learn section within an iframe, Bb Learn userid and email information, as well as course information, is instantly and automatically transferred to GS as well. Having students use Bb Learn rather than GS directly will also avoid duplicate account issues in the future. Overall, it just avoids confusion with accidental creation of assignments and courses and accounts not linked to the Bb Learn course section.
I created an assignment in GS, then I created a GS Assignment in BB and linked it to my GS assignment. Is that all I need to do to link a BB and GS assignment?

  • That's all you need to do. We'd prefer you create the GS Assignment in Bb Learn, but what you did will work as well.

I had to set a due date in both the GS and BB assignments. What's the relationship between these due dates, and is the BB one necessary?

  • There is no relationship between the due dates in Gradescope and Blackboard. You can choose to remove the due dates in Blackboard. Students will not be able to submit their work after the due date in Gradescope has passed. 

Creating the BB GS Assignment made a column in the Grade Center. Just to confirm, if I click "Post Grades to Drexel Learn" on GS, that'll upload the grades to BB, correct?

  • Correct, posting grades from Gradescope to Blackboard would upload the grades in the Grade Center.

I submit to my GS assignments to test them. How will the grade sync handle the grade for my assignment, since I don't have a row in the BB Grade Center? Will it just skip that grade?

  • Students' grades would be posted to Blackboard as long as they have submissions in the Gradescope assignment and are enrolled on the course roster. 

If a student hasn't submitted an assignment, will their grade be 0 when I sync grades, or will it be null?

  • Students who have not submitted an assignment will have no grades synced. Their grades will show as blank (--/100).

If I manually set a student's GS assignment grade in the BB grade center, will it be overwritten when I sync the GS grades to BB?

  • Yes, manually set grades will be overwritten when grades are posted from Gradescope. 

Creating the BB GS Assignment made a column in the Grade Center. Just to confirm, if I click "Post Grades to Drexel Learn" on GS, that'll upload the grades to BB, correct?

  • Yes, that will post/upload grades to Bb Learn. Again, recommend doing this in GS within Bb Learn, of course. But I think that's what you are asking anyway. From GS instructions: "Keep in mind that posting grades to Blackboard will only post the students' final assignment scores from Gradescope to the corresponding Blackboard grade column or gradebook item. Only grades for fully graded submissions (which have a checkmark in the Graded column on the Review Grades page) will be posted."

Can multiple people grade at once

Can I grade work remotely at the same time as my TAs and graders?

  • "Yes! Multiple graders can grade the same assignment and even the same question on Gradescope in parallel without overlapping. We’ll automatically split up the work among the graders for you. When multiple people are grading the same question (by clicking on it from the Grade Submissions page), all graders will need to use the Next Ungraded button (or ‘z’ keyboard shortcut) to move from submission to submission. As long as all graders are using the Next Ungraded button, each submission will ‘lock’ for the grader who is currently on it, and no two graders will ever see or grade the same student’s submission. All graders will also always be using the same rubric for each question. If any grader changes the rubric, all other graders on that question will see a notification message which will tell them what has changed on the rubric."
  • (Response from )

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