Gradescope is not something Drexel or Drexel CCI officially supports.
But people keep asking us about it, so...
There is no integration of Gradescope into Bb Learn, so you create assignments in Gradescope, upload a list of students and their email addressed, which you can get from the “Work Offline” > “Download” functions in Bb Learn.
You can opt for students to be invited. They get an email, click a link in an email, and register. Then they have access to your course in Gradescope. Near as we can tell, Gradescope is pretty much for assignments, tests, and grading, rather than providing a spot to host lecture materials and such, but it does seem well-designed.
You can copy/paste the URL in your web address bar when you first enter your course, and copy/paste that into Bb Learn somewhere. Students can click it, login (after they register), and view the course and all assignments. You can set assignment availability we believe and other things in Gradescope, but this is all within Gradescope.
You might want to run through “Manage a Course Roster” and “Create an online assignment” at the webpages below, or any other videos you wish. Both links actually go to the same webpage.
You would be using the free version of “Gradescope” and not “Gradescope Complete.”