Get student's short Drexel email addresses

If you don’t have a list of short Drexel email addresses for students through DrexelOne roster, do this:

  1. Enter “Full Grade Center” in a Bb Learn course section.
  2. Click “Work Offline” > “Download”
  3. Click “User Information Only” > “Comma” > “Yes” > “My Computer” > “Submit”. (If you choose “Tab,” see step 5.)
  4. Click “Download.” Save and double-click to open the file in Excel or similar spreadsheet program.
  5. If you chose “Tab” in Step 3, click “Yes” in alert box. Bb Lean puts a .xls file suffix a tab-delimited .txt file. Excel was just expecting a .txt file suffix. The file is safe to open.


One quick way to add to the end of each userid:

  1. Insert a column to the right of C or “Username” column. If “Username” is not the C column, in next step, change the letter in “C3” to the letter of the column where “Username” appears.
  2. In the new column, in each cell, copy/paste the following exactly as shown.
  3. Highlight all the email addresses you just made in Excel. Copy them. Choose an empty column, right-click a cell in the 2nd row of that column, choose “Paste Special” > “Value.”
  4. Copy the email addresses from the column you just copy/pasted into (otherwise, you’ll just copy a formula).