Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Course Room or Session

WAIT before clicking "Create session.

Course Room by default is always available.

No additional set-up required!

Students do NOT see "Create Session" nor "No scheduled sessions" nor "Create Session" buttons or text.
course room

Sessions are ONLY useful in 2 scenarios & require additional set-up.

  1. You need 2 or more Bb Collaborate Ultra meetings at the same time and within the same section.
    2 different Bb Learn course sections can have Bb Collaborate Ultra Course Room meetings at the same time.
  2. Your Bb Collaborate Ultra meetings NEED names.
    To indicate they are for a specific group or purpose.
    You cannot limit membership in Sessions.
    Use Bb Learn Groups for that. Each group will have its own Bb Collaborate Ultra room.
    See Bb Learn Groups -- Creating a Group.

You can use either, but it can save a lot of time to just use the Course Room.

Regardless, here is how to create a Session.