Technical Support in Bb Learn or Drexel Learn at CCI

*CCI Support cannot add students to course sections used for courses taken for credit at Drexel

Instructor Blackboard Learn Help

See student section below as well.

Unable to Login to Bb Learn or Access Bb Learn?

Try visiting the Drexel Bb Learn website directly.

When you do so, make sure you using the web address below.
You will login with the same credentials that you use to login to Drexel One.

If this doesn't help, proceed to the next section.

Bb Learn Website Still Not Accessible?

If you can't get the Bb Learn website to load at all in your internet browser,
try a different internet browser.

Only use one of the internet browsers listed below on a laptop or desktop computer for this.
These browsers are either free downloads or come pre-installed on computers.

If you get the same results in a different internet browser...

Then you may want to proceed to contact Drexel ITG Blackboard Support for further assistance.

And/or you can try what's in the next section if you still have issues.

Using Drexel VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way for you to be on Drexel's network even when you are not physically on Drexel's campus, and this can sometimes help you access Drexel online resources that aren't normally available to you.

Look under “Get AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client For Your Operating System” at the link below and choose the appropriate operating system, install Drexel’s VPN client, and login with it to Drexel’s network. Instructions for installation and use of this client are below.

If you don’t know your operating system, visit the following link on your computer or mobile device and look under the line that says “YOUR WEB BROWSER IS.”

Trying a different internet network (if available to you) and/or using the internet network you use on your mobile device when you are not using WiFi (if available to you and data rates may apply).

Forgot Bb Learn Password

If you forgot your Bb Learn password, see:

If your Bb Learn login credentials (username and password) aren't working, then contact the Drexel Accounts Office using one of the methods below.

Class Recordings or Live Broadcasts

See the following pages for help accessing echo360 on-campus class recordings or live broadcasts

Note that some echo360 recordings may only be available with instructor permission for students who have legitimate reasons for not attending class on-campus.

And some on-campus classes may not be recorded at all.

Assignment and Discussion Board Submission Help

The following webpages provide assistance to anyone trying to submit an assignment or test in Bb Learn.

Discussion Board Help

Bb Learn Assignment Help

The above webpage will help with many common submission issues.

Turnitin Direct Assignment Help

Create or Convert Word or Excel or Powerpoint or PDF Files

Find Feedback, Comments, or Grades

The following webpages provide assistance to anyone trying to find grades on assignments or tests, or looking for feedback or comments from instructors on submissions.

Contact Drexel ITG Blackboard Support

Drexel ITG Blackboard frequently helps students and instructors with Bb Learn technical issues.

Students, please provide Drexel ITG Blackboard Support with any information you recorded from following the above instructions and describe the issue to them

Below are  various ways to contact Drexel ITG Blackboard Support.

  • Phone: (215) 895-1224 (24/7 availability).
    If you are out of the country, international phone charges may apply.
    If you still do not get help, please try the email below to get assistance from more highly trained support staff.
  • Email:
    When emailing Drexel ITG, please include your Drexel usernamecourse, and your hostname.
  • The last is found under "Node Information"
    under the "Tech Support" tab or link at the top of Drexel Learn or Bb Learn.

Use the following instructions:

  1. Visit Bb Learn at 
  2. Click "Courses," and find the placement exam section.
  3. Scroll down & click to expand "Users and Groups"
    in the left navigation panel (under "Course Management").
  4. Click "Find Users."
  5. Under "Username," enter 1 or more Drexel User Ids.
  6. Not student ID #'s, but the login User Ids.
  7. Separate multiple User Ids with a comma.
  8. You can easily enter up to 50.
  9. Click "Submit."
  10. If you get an error that 1 or more User Ids already exist,
    or already have been added,
    remove those User Ids from the "Username" field.
  11. Remove excess commas with the unneeded User Ids.
  12. Click "Submit" again.
  13. Repeat this step until you no longer get an error

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