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Unable to Login to Bb Learn or Access Bb Learn?

Try visiting the Blackboard (Bb) Learn or Drexel Learn website DIRECTLY.

NOT through DrexelOne. Not through a link sent to you in an email, even if it's from your professor

When you do so, make sure you using the web address below.
You will login with the same credentials that you use to login to Drexel One.

If this doesn't help, proceed to the next sections.

Still No Access or Login? Try Another Web Browser

If you can't get the Bb Learn website to load at all in your internet browser...
try a different internet browser or web browser.

Only use one of the internet browsers listed below on a laptop or desktop computer for this.

These browsers are either free downloads or come pre-installed on computers.

You likely tried one of the above already. So try one of the others. Yes, Brave and Vivaldi and Opera or others often do work fine, but they are not officially supported, and not recommended if you are having issues.

If you get the same results in a different internet browser... try what's in the next sections.

Using Drexel VPN

Another option that has been helpful with accessing Bb Learn in the past, as well as accessing Drexel websites and web services that have to be accessed on Drexel's network.

If you are having issues accessing Bb Learn, or a Drexel site or service, get on Drexel's VPN & try to access Bb Learn from there.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way for you to be on Drexel's network even when you are not physically on Drexel's campus, and this often helps  access Drexel online resources that aren't normally available off site.

Instructions below on how to Install Drexel's Cisco AnyConnect VPN app and configure it.

Drexel's VPN is the Cisco AnyConnect application you install on your laptop or computer or device, and be sure the app is set to connect to .

Do not merely visit https:// in your web browser!  You only download the app from there.

If you use the Authenticator app for MFA/2FA/2SV, you'll often need to unlock your phone, open the Authenticator app and tap the ... and/or circling arrow to check for notifications. MFA must be approved to connect to the VPN.

Still Cannot Access Bb Learn? Other Suggestions

Set Network DNS to Cloudlfare and

While the above VPN solution often seems to work, if you want to see to try and find a way not to use the VPN above when accessing Bb Learn or Drexel Learn, we've had more permanent success with setting your DNS address on wifi or other networks that have had issues connecting to Cloudflare's with back-up of .

Xfinity/Comcast in particular seems to use a DNS resolver host address that has had issues with Drexel websites and services.

Also, doing this often results in a much more stable and slightly faster internet experience, and is something our Assistant Director of Platforms and Technology Support does all the time.

More instructions about how to set this are at the link below.

Clear Your Cache

If you can get this working in a web browser but not your preferred web browser, try clearing your cache in your preferred web browser. See the following website for help with this.

Forgot Bb Learn Password?

If you forgot your Bb Learn password, see:

If your Bb Learn login credentials (username and password) aren't working, then contact the Drexel Accounts Office using one of the methods below.

Class Recordings or Live Broadcasts

See the following pages for help accessing echo360 on-campus class recordings or live broadcasts

Note that some echo360 recordings may only be available with instructor permission for students who have legitimate reasons for not attending class on-campus.

And some on-campus classes may not be recorded at all.

Assignment and Discussion Board Submission Help

The following webpages provide assistance to anyone trying to submit an assignment or test in Bb Learn.

Discussion Board Help

Bb Learn Assignment Help

The above webpage will help with many common submission issues.

Turnitin Direct Assignment Help

Create or Convert Word or Excel or Powerpoint or PDF Files

Find Feedback, Comments, or Grades

The following webpages provide assistance to anyone trying to find grades on assignments or tests, or looking for feedback or comments from instructors on submissions.

Contact Drexel ITG Blackboard Support

Drexel ITG Blackboard frequently helps students and instructors with Bb Learn technical issues.

Students, please provide Drexel ITG Blackboard Support with any information you recorded from following the above instructions and describe the issue to them

Below are  various ways to contact Drexel ITG Blackboard Support.

  • Phone: (215) 895-1224 (24/7 availability).
    If you are out of the country, international phone charges may apply.
  • Email:
    When emailing Drexel ITG, please include your Drexel username, course subj code, course number, and section number, and your hostname.

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