Zoom -- Quick Test Before First Real Use

Zoom Basics

For Drexel CCI faculty, staff, students.

  1. Log into Zoom via https://drexel.zoom.us 
       (a) Use Drexel userid & password.
  2. Choose "Sign In Standard"
  3. Click "HOST A MEETING" (upper right).
  4. Click "With Video Off" (or "On" -- your choice).
       (a) If prompted: Click to install Zoom
  5. Click "Open with zoom" or zoom.us .
       (a) If prompted: Enter name/email if prompted.
  6. Click "Join With Computer Audio."
  7. Click & try microphone icon -- moving color fill in icon indicates audio picking up
  8. Click & try camera -- you'll see yourself
  9. Click & try Share -- Choose your computer screen and click "Share" again in lower right.

After You Join a Zoom Meeting -- Just Once per Computer

  • Zoom -- SSO Single Sign-On and Host Sign-In
  • Once you do the above,
    if you click a Zoom meeting link that you created/scheduled,
    you will enter as a Host.
    And for other Zoom meetings links, you will enter with your Drexel Account.

Audio Issues?

Learn Your Personal Meeting ID

Only give this out to co-workers or people you trust not to abuse it.

  1. Go to https://drexel.zoom.us in a new web browser tab.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Look in Personal Meeting ID section
    for your personal Zoom meeting link & Meeting ID.
  4. Use that for instant Zoom meetings.
  5. Write down your personal Zoom meeting link & Meeting ID.
    Keep it where you can get to it easily.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

If you want to try scheduling a Zoom meeting, see link below.

More Zoom Info