STU Term-Master Schedule Report -- Generate from Hyperion


You will need access to Hyperion, which means using a Windows computer and generating the report in Internet Explorer.

You must use a VPN (both on-campus & off-campus) to connect to Hyperion.

To see how to find Non-CCI Classes at 3675 Market Street, see instructions at bottom of the page.


  1. Search Microsoft Edge in the start menu

  2. Right click it and open as administrator

  3. Login to

  4. For first-time users:

    Double click the "Explore" icon
    Click "+" to expand "Root" under "Folders"
    Click "+" to expand "Drexel" and click "Student"
    Scroll down to "STU-Term Master Schedule"

  5. For not first-time users:

    Scroll down to the "HomePage" tab of the workspace
    Look under "Recently Opened"
    Double click "STU-Term Master Schedule" Hyperion Report

  6. Scroll down READ.ME file until you see the buttons below instructions

  7. Click "Process Term Master Schedule" button

  8. Select the Academic Year Acyr Code

  9. Select the Term Trmt Code
    202115 = fall 2021
    202125 = winter 2022
    202135 = spring 2022
    202145 = summer 2022

  10. Select the College Coll Code (probably CI for College of Computing and Informatics)

  11. Select the Section Activity Status Ssts Code.

  12. Navigate from "Term Master Schedule" page & click on "R:Sections" page.

  13. Drag "Schd Desc" element to "Filter" section.

  14. Select the Schedule Description Schd Desc Code.

  15. Click "File" drop down.

  16. Hover "Export" then click "Section."

    For R: Sections or similar, we recommend exporting as Excel.

  17. Go back to "Term Master Schedule" page.

  18. Click "File" drop down.
    Hyperion Click File TMS not-section view

  19. Hover "Export" then click "Section."

    For Term Master Schedule or similar, we recommend exporting as PDF.
    File - Export - Section Hyperion TMS Report

  20. Find files in File Explorer.

Find Non-CCI Classes at 3675 Market Street

  1. Follow the instructions above with two changes
  2. Run a Term Master Schedule Hyperion report for all subject codes for this quarter instead of just CI by clicking the "Select all" option (Step 10)
  3. Filter by the building 3675 Market to view all classes held at 3675 Market (Step 13)

There are some slightly more detailed instructions here: Find Non-CCI Classes at 3675 Market Street