Moving Files from Old Home Directory (Drexel migration)

On September 13, 2023, CCI IT migrated Tux authentication to Drexel credentials.


As part of this transition, active users’ legacy home directories are being moved into their new Drexel-authentication home directories.


When you log into Tux using your Drexel credentials, you’ll see a new folder called “old_homedir”. This contains the contents of your old home directory, with permissions changed so your Drexel account can access the files.


To move files and folders from your old home directory into your new home directory, you can follow these steps:

-       From Tux, run the command “cd old_homedir”

-       Run the command “ls -al” to see what’s in the home directory

-       To move individual files and folders, run the command “mv {{file or directory name}} ..”

        o   This will place the file or folder in the root level of your new home directory.

-       To move all files from your old_homedir to your new home directory:

        o   First, move all regular files using the command “mv * ..”

        o   Then, if you have hidden files you want to transfer, run the command “mv .??* ..”. Make sure that you have the command correct, as this can cause issues if the “.??*”  isn’t copied correctly – that would move files in the parent directory.

-       Once you’re sure that everything has been moved from your old_homedir folder, you can delete it:

        o   Move to your home directory by running the command “cd ~”.

        o   Delete the old_homedir folder with the command “rm -rf old_homedir”.

                §  Once this is done, it cannot be undone. Make sure that you are ready to delete the old directory before you run this command, and make sure you type the command correctly to avoid accidentally deleting other files.