Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA -- Change or Add MFA Method


You can change the phone number for Drexel Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA,
or add multiple phone numbers, or add email address, or add or switch to the Authenticator app.

You can even use the Authenticator app on a second phone or mobile device.

Below is how.

Quick Instructions

As long as you signed in somewhere where you don't have to approve MFA,
or you have a working primary or secondary method of MFA,
you don't need DU IT or Drexel accounts to add your new phone number for MFA.

Visit to set up a new or additional methods of MFA, and get rid of ones that you don't want.

  • If you have issues logging in with MFA, or want to test your other MFA methods (which you should), note the small little blue "Sign in another way" link when you have to approve MFA. 

Try that when testing other MFA methods, or if your primary method of MFA does not work.

The information below shows you how to test this and do this in much more detail, if the above gives you issues.

You always want to test all MFA methods, especially new ones.

In-Depth Instructions

  1. First, open a web browser,
    preferably one you do not normally use
    (if possible or without much difficulty).
    Open a Private or Incognito or InPrivate Window or Tab,
    and login to 

    Once you confirm your existing method of MFA still works, which is VERY IMPORTANT,
    close the web browser completely.

  2. If your primary MFA method does not work,
    click "Sign in another way,"
    and use one of your secondary MFA methods.

    No second MFA method?
    Call DU IT accounts at 215-895-2020,
    and press 2 & 2 again at prompts.
    They need to reset your MFA method.
    And assist with setting up a 2nd MFA method as well.
    Do not proceed further here in this scenario.

    If your existing MFA method works for you,
    proceed to step #3 below.

  3. Open a normal & not private window/tab in your preferred web browser,
    and login with Drexel userid & password to:
    and use your primary MFA method, if prompted.

  4. With “Security info” selected in left navigation panel,
    click "+ Add method"
    to add a different phone number,
    or email,
    or set-up an authenticator app, if you wish.

    If an app, the Microsoft Authenticator app is recommended.

    Leave this web browser open for now

  5. Open a web browser that is NOT the one you normally use
    (if possible or without much difficulty).
    Open a Private or Incognito or InPrivate Window or Tab,
    and login to 

    When at the MFA approval step,
    click "Sign in another way,"
    and use the secondary MFA methods you just set up.

    This steps tests whether your secondary MFA method works.
    Which is very important.

    If the test fails, repeat all of the above steps again.

    If the secondary MFA method works,
    close this web browser completely again.

  6. In your preferred web browser,
    where you are logged into ,
    check for & remove any non-working MFA methods.
    To do so,
    click the "Delete" link to delete an existing phone number or MFA method.

Further Troubleshooting

For more help, see link below.

Or call the DU IT accounts office at call 215-895-2020. Press 2 & 2 at prompts. BEST TO CALL BETWEEN 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs.