Zoom -- Joining a Zoom Meeting

Recommended Prep Before Joining Drexel Zoom Meeting

Only once per computer. Do this before you join a Zoom meeting.
Follow instructions at this webpage below.  

Joining a Zoom Meeting - Video

Joining a Zoom Meeting - Text

  1. Students/Participants:
    Click Zoom meeting link,
    Link may be given to you by instructor, listed in Bb Learn course section, sent to you in email, or calendar invite, Slack, Discord, etc.

    Sign in to https://drexel.zoom.us with Drexel userid & password.
    Then click "Join meeting."
  2. Open link with Zoom or https://drexel.zoom.us if prompted.
    Download, open, & install the Zoom program, when prompted.
  3. Enter name and email (if prompted).
  4. Sign in to Drexel Connect screen, if prompted.
  5. In the meeting, click “Join With Computer Audio.”

If Zoom Asks for a Password or Login

Login Issues -- or Redirect Issues

Visit the following link...
if you have login issues & are Drexel student, instructor, staff member, or faculty member
if you are redirected to zoom.us from drexel.zoom.us.

Audio Problems? Or Join by Telephone?

Share Your Computer Display

Using Zoom on Android or iPad or iPhone

System Requirements

Tips and Basic Troubleshooting

Zoom Video Tutorials

Echo Occurring?

  • Everyone in the same physical room as the host user should 
    *mute their computer microphones and computer speaker volume.*
  • The host user is the exception.
    The host user should NOT mute their computer microphone
    and computer speakers UNLESS the host use is using a phone or speakerphone for audio.
  • If the host user is using a phone or speakerphone for audio,
    then the host indeed should mute their computer microphone and computer speakers.

Screen Freeze or Lag? Delayed Audio?

  • Have all participants mute their audio
    and/or shut down their video when they are not using it.
  • All participants should close any open applications or browser tabs
    or windows they are not using during the meeting.
  • Closing non-essential apps
    in the lower right (System Tray) in Windows
    upper right (Menu Bar) in Mac could help as well.

Delete a Scheduled Meeting or a Recording

CCI Zoom Virtual Background

Changing Your Name in Zoom

Additional Helpful Info -- Drexel VCAP's page on Zoom