echo360 -- Uploading Video and Polling or Adding a Quiz

Echo360 is NOW named Echo Video, starting in 2023.

Uploading a Video -- Video Instructions

Watch the video below for how to edit the video. Or add polling or quizzes.

Need to create an Echo Video link in a Bb Learn course section? See following:

Screen record with Echo Video on your personal computer? See following:

Uploading Video -- Written Instructions

Watch the 1st video link above for how to edit the video. Or add polling or quizzes.

Below are written instructions for how to upload a video

  1. In your Bb Learn course section, click the "Echo Video Class Recordings" link in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Need to create an Echo Video link in a Bb Learn course section? See following:
  3. Click "Access Echo Video Class Recordings for..." link.
  4. Click the "New Class" button.
    1. If you click "Create" and "Upload," the video will be added to your Library only, and not associated to a particular Bb Learn course section without additional work on your part.
      echo360 upload lectures 1.png

  5. Click the "+" sign in the newly added row.

  6. Click "Add Video."
    echo360 upload lectures 3.png

  7. Enter a "Name" like "Week 2 Lecture" or "Week 2 Tues Lecture" or what you will.
    1. And select Start Date, Start time, and Duration. These dates/times do not have to match the video.
      1. These dates/times do NOT affect when a video becomes available to students. More on that below.
    2. Description is optional.
    3. Click OK.
      echo360 upload lectures 2.png

  8. Click "Upload a file."
  9. Select your video to upload.
    echo360 upload lectures 4.png

  10. Dark and light gray bars behind the circled play arrow icon means the video is processing.

    1. You will get an email when the video has finished processing.
      echo360 upload lectures 5.png

  11. Clickecho360 gray circled play arrow or triangle.png or echo360 green circled play arrow or triangle.png arrow > "Availability Settings" to set when the video should appear to students, if you do not want it to appear right away.
    echo360 availability settings.png

Alternate Video on Editing, as well as Uploading, Quizzes or Polling

Video editing has been disabled for now, but...

The following video covers uploading to Library instead, but also covers editing, quizzes, and polling: