Connecting to Dragonfly3 WiFi on Drexel Campus

Instructions for macOS, Windows, iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPadOS

  1. Go to your Wifi Settings.
    Forget Dragonfly3 network (SSID).
  2. Get on Drexelgues Wifi (SSID)
  3. Open webpage browser.
    Go to any webpage.
    Should auto-redirect to Drexel guest login webpage.
    If you are not redirected, visit:
    It should redirect then.
  4. Type & submit your Drexel email address into the login page for Drexel Guest.
    No password needed here.
  5. After Drexelguest connects successfully,
    click "Dragonfly3 installation wizard."
  6. Follow-onscreen instructions.

Android User Instructions

Linux User Instructions

iOS/iPad Remove and Re-Add Instructions

Chromebook or ChromeOS Instructions

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