Bb Learn on Mobile Devices

There are a few ways to access Bb Learn with the help of a mobile device. You will generally want to be able to access Bb Learn through a laptop or desktop, but the following methods might help you gain access when you otherwise don't have it.
Data usage rates may apply using these methods.

Blackboard Student Mobile App

The "Bb Student" mobile app is one way to use Bb Learn on a mobile device.
You'll need to select your university and login with your Bb Learn credentials. Ignore anything that says you need to purchase anything, although data usage rates may apply.

Use one of the links below to download the "Bb Student" app to your mobile device.

Access Bb Learn with your Mobile Device's Internet Browser App

If the mobile app doesn’t help you, or you might simply want to try this as well, try accessing Bb Learn ( on your mobile device through the internet browser app on your mobile device. You might have to zoom in a lot and swipe to re-position the screen, but Bb Learn can be accessed and used in mobile internet browsers on iOS and Android devices. You won’t be able to submit assignments, though, and some other functions might not work properly for you.

Turn your Mobile Device into a Hot Spot

If you are able to access Bb Learn either through the “Bb Student” mobile app or through your mobile internet browser, and if your mobile device has the capability of becoming an internet hot spot, you might also want try to connect your laptop or desktop to the same internet network your mobile device uses when it’s not using WiFi, and then try accessing Bb Learn ( If you do not know how to turn your mobile device into an internet hotspot, or are unsure if you can, contact your mobile internet service provider for assistance. This may incur charges from your mobile internet service provider.