Tux Account Information

All CCI Faculty and Staff, as well as all students enrolled in CCI classes, are eligible for access to Tux. 

Student access is typically available on the first day of the term in which they are enrolled for a course, and faculty and staff access is granted shortly after new members' account information is provided to CCI IT.

To log in to Tux, use your Drexel userid, such as "abc123" as your username. An example for SSH login for that user would be "ssh abc123@tux.cs". Use your Drexel password (not Tux password).

To log in on Gitlab, please use the "DrexelConnect" login method.

When on campus, please connect to Dragonfly3 rather than DrexelGuest, as the guest network sometimes causes issues with Tux access.

Tux Services

A list of services provided by Tux can be found at Tux Services, and Web services hosted on Tux can be found at Tux Web Services.

Accessing Tux command-line environment by SSH

Accessing Tux graphical environment by Remote Desktop (RDP)


Transferring Files To and From Tux