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Non-Drexel People Can Get Free Zoom Account

Non-Drexel people do *NOT* need to sign in to join a Zoom meeting usually. They just need a Zoom meeting link or ID.

They can do this to try out Zoom before a real meeting.

  1. Visit https://zoom.us
    Drexel students, staff, and faculty should *NOT* do this.
  2. Register for a free Zoom account.
  3. Host a meeting yourself.
  4. Interfaces for free and Pro Zoom accounts are identical.

If you need additional help with this, see the following webpage.

Need to Sign Out, Drexel CCI Users?

Closing your internet browser will sign you out, of course.

  1. Click the "Drexel University" logo in the upper left in the Zoom webpage.
    Zoom Logout Click Drexel U Logo v2.png
  2. Click "Sign In Standard."
    Zoom Logout Click Sign in Standard v2.png
  3. Click "SIGN OUT" in the upper right.
    Zoom Logout Click Sign out v2.png

Additional Helpful Info -- Drexel VCAP's page on Zoom


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