How to Use Microsoft Visio

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Microsoft Visio is used to make flowcharts and diagrams. It incorporates combinations of connected shapes and lines, which are connected/drag-and-dropped on its ends to other shapes. You can also add text to label these shapes or free-form text labels. 

Here are some great tutorials on how to use Visio, based on the Visio version you are using.

  1. 2019 Visio:
  2. 2016 Visio:
  3. 2013, 2016, 2019 Visio:

If you need a copy of Visio, and are a Drexel CCI student/faculty/staff member, see:

IMPORTANT! Using ERD or Entity Relationship Diagrams?

 As of May 12, 2023 (and possibly at the start of 2023 or earlier), the Visio subscription license for students offered by the above does NOT include ERD diagrams.

OTHER opitons for ERD diagramming software or websites are available at the link below. ( and are great options. Link to's free template is below as well.