Checking for Posts After a Due Date When Not Using Built-in Grading

If you don't have the grading feature enabled in a discussion board and you want to check to see if a student posted after the due date, you can search each discussion board forum for posts posted after a certain date, writing down the name of the students with late posts, and then checking the “Performance Dashboard” to make sure that those students with late posts didn’t post something else earlier in the forum.

Here’s how to do this.

     1. Click the “Discussion Board” in the left-hand course menu in your Learn course shell.
     2. Click on the name of a forum you want to check.
     3. Click the “Search” button on the right side of the page.
     4. Check the box before the word “After” and set a date and time to check after.
     5. Click “Go.”
     6. Look for any posts by students in the search results. Write down the students’ names.

          (a) If there are no students’ names listed, then you are finished.
     7. If there were students’ name, then click “Evaluation” in the left-hand course menu.
     8. Click “Performance Dashboard.”
     9. On the “Performance Dashboard” home page, click the number in the “Discussion Baord” column in the row of a student whose name you wrote down.
     10. You will see a list of the discussion board forums in the course that the student has posted in, the number of posts that student has made in each forum, and the date of the last post in that forum. If the student posted more than once to the forum you are checking, then click on the number in the “Total Posts” column of that particular forum’s row. You will see the actual post’s from that student in the forum, and you can check to see if the student posted before the due date.
     11. If you have other students to check, repeat steps 7-11 with the other students.
     12. Repeat all these steps for each forum that you want to check.

Also, please note that on the “Performance Dashboard” homepage, you can click the “Last Name” column header to organize the names by last name, and you can click “Show All” to see all students in your course on one page.