Echo360 -- Analytics

Echo360 is NOW named Echo Video, starting in 2023.

Finding Analytics in Echo Video

  1. Click the "Echo Video Class Recordings" (formerly echo360 Class Recordings) link in the left-hand course menu in your Bb Learn course.
    echo360 live analytics 1

  2. Click the "Access Echo Video Class Recordings" link (formerly "Access echo360 Class Recordings" link).
    echo360 live analytics 2

  3. Now that you are on the Echo Video website, click the green arrow for the video you would like to check.
  4. Then scroll and select the "Details" link.
    echo360 live analytics 3

  5. Now select the "Analytics" tab as shown in the screenshot below.
    echo360 live analytics 5

  6. Here you should be able to see things like view, view time, and engagement. It should similar to the screenshot below.
    echo360 live analytics 6