Flashforge 3D Printer

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Printer Info

Brand: Flashforge

Model: Finder

Filament Type(s): PLA

3D Filament Spool Specs:

  • PLA 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm. HATCHBOX is a good producer of this filament.
  • The external spool holder holds a 1 kg spool.
  • The internal spool holder only holds 0.6 kg spools.
  • Always order 1 kg spools.

Software:  FlashPrint http://www.flashforge.com/support-center/flashprint-support/

How to Print

  1. First make a file to print by following these instructions: Creating The Print File
  2. Once you have created a .gx file for the printer, transfer it to a USB stick.
  3. Put that USB stick in the printer at the bottom right port.
  4. On the printer screen, select Build -> USB Stick and navigate to the file.
  5. After selecting the file, hit Print.
  6. (NOT NECESSARY IF PRINTER CALIBRATED CORRECTLY.) Immediately after selecting print, take the glue stick and spread glue over the area that the object will be printing on (just guesstimate). Also, take tweezers and (quickly) pull off the excess plastic from the tip.
  7. Now you should be good to let it print.
  8. After Printing, the blue tray where the print site can be pulled out. Do that when you try to take the print off, if you used glue, use the scraper to get the object off the plate.

How to Change/Replace Filament

  1. To unload the filament, go to Tools -> Filament
  2. Select "Unload" and the extruder will begin to heat up
  3. Once the nozzle reaches high enough and melts the filament, the printer will sound a beep and you can unload the filament by pressing down the spring presser and withdrawing the filament. (Note: Do not pull out the filament with force as it will damage the gears. If the melted filament has cooled down in the extruder, please repeat the steps above.)
  4. Open the filament cartridge from the back, replace it with a new spool and close the cartridge. (Note: if the spool cannot fit in the cartridge, you can put it over the white spool holder.)
  5. Go to Tools -> Filament, select "Load" and wait the extruder's temperature reaches 200 C
  6. The printer will sound a beep to prompt you to load the filament into the extruder
  7. Push filament vertically into the extruder at an upright angle
  8. Press "Done", when you see filament come out of the extruder (Note: Do not tap "Done" until the filament loads the extruder steadily.)


To clean the tray:

  1. Take an alcohol wipe and wipe down the tray. Don't be too afraid to press kind of hard (not too hard) to get all the residue off.
  2. Certain wipes will leave residue; clean it off with a paper towel before printing again.
Printer head is clogged:

  • Haven't had to do this yet. If you think this is your only option, contact ICommons Support at ihelp@drexel.edu or by visiting the desk in the Commons.

Spool is stuck ("Tck.. Tck.. Tck.." Sound):

  1. Take out the spool and check to see if the plastic is crossed over onto itself not allowing it to come out.
  2. If so, unload the filament from Tools > Filament > Unload.
  3. Press down the spring on the left side of the printing head and pull out the filament.
  4. Sometimes loading in the filament or preheating can help you unload if you are having trouble.
  5. Cut the end of the filament.
  6. Fix the cross over in the spool.
  7. Load the filament back into the printer head by going to Tools > Filament > Load and slowly pushing in the filament.

Need to Calibrate Printer: