Zoom -- How to join a meeting and Share your screen with Video instructions

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

  1. Click on a Join meeting link that you received in the email.
    This will open a new tab in your browser.
    Zoom meeting links will look like this:

  2. Click on "Launch Meeting".
    Zoom_launch_meeting v2.png

  3. Click on "Allow."
    It will automatically open zoom application for you and you'll be in the meeting.
    Zoom_join_meeting_allow_button v2.png

    If you get "Invalid meeting ID" error,
    then it means that the link that you received has
    the wrong meeting ID,
    or the host of the meeting has already ended meeting for all.
    In this case, please reach out to meeting host,
    and ask for meeting link again,
    or ask host to schedule/make a zoom meeting.

How to Share your Screen - Written

  1. Click the green "Share Screen" button on the meeting menu bar

          Zoom_share_screen_icon_in_menu_bar v2.png

    Type "Alt + Shift + S" (on Windows).
    Type "Command(⌘) + Shift(⇧) + S" (on Mac).

  2. When the share window appears,
    select the source you wish to share,
    and then click "Share" button from the bottom right.

    Zoom_Share_screen_option v2.png

How to Share your Screen -Video