ActivePresenter Screen Recorder

Introduction and Download


"ActivePresenter" is screen recording software that is free for personal and non-commercial use. (There are versions that cost money as well.) With it, you can record video of anything on your computer display's desktop, record audio from a built-in or connected microphone, and record video from a built-in or connected webcam.

There is no time limit on recordings, but the longer and more involved the recording, the more storage space the recording will take up on your computer or wherever you choose to store it.


Install "ActivePresenter" free edition from the webpage below.


Written Instructions

Screen Recorder - Video Instructions

Video Editor - Video Instructions

Software Simulation Recorder - Video Instructions

Alternate Video Instructions


  • To remove annotations on videos or slides about where you clicked:
    • Click ActivePresenter > Project > Batch Operations > Delete Objects.
    • Select All under "Annotations, Interactions, Messages.
    • Deselect "Image" and "Video" and "Audio" under "Annotations," and click OK.
  • To record computer audio, see the following:
  • Not seeing Active Presenter appear?
    • Click an empty spot on your desktop, then try re-opening the ActivePresenter application, or selecting it if open on your Dock toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Additional Help

See the following webpage for help with simultaneous webcam and video display instructions:

Alternative Written Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open "ActivePresenter."
  2. Click "New Capture."
  3. Enter a "Name" for the project.
  4. To find exported videos later, note the location where this project is on your computer in the "Save in" field. -- Click "Browse" to change.
  5. Select "Record Movie/Streaming Video." -- If you want both slides and a video created, select "Smart Capture With Auto FMR."
  6. Choose "Full Screen" or a "Custom" section of your computer display.
  7. Under "Audio Input," choose the "Device" or microphone that will pick up the audio.
  8. Make sure the green level indicator moves as you speak. -- If it still does not work, choose another "Device" under "Audio Input."
  9. Then click the big red circle to start the screen recording.
      (a) First-time Mac users ONLY: When used for first time on a Mac, you'll be prompted to adjust the "Accessibility" section under System Preferences >  Security & Privacy > Privacy to allow "Active Presenter" to control your computer. It's safe to do this. You may need to click the lock icon and enter your Mac's password on the "Security & Privacy" windows to check the box next to "ActivePresenter." Click the lock again to lock the settings. Then close the "Security & Privacy" window.

  10. To start/stop the recording, click the "ActivePresenter" icon, and choose the appropriate option.
      (a) On a Mac, the "ActivePresenter" icon is at the top of your computer display.
      (b) In Windows, the "ActivePresenter" icon is in the lower right of the computer display. -- You may need to click the ^ to see this icon.

  11. Stop the recording when finished making your screen recording. -- Or stop if you run into technical issues.
  12. Click the "EXPORT" tab at the top of the "ActivePresenter" window.
  13. Click "Video."
  14. Choose "MP4" for format.
  15. Choose where to save the video by clicking "Browse."
  16. Click "OK."
  17. If you made slides too in ActivePresenter with your video, to export the slides:
      (a) Click the "EXPORT" tab at the top of the "ActivePresenter" window.
      (b) Click "Microsoft PowerPoint" or "Adobe PDF."
      (c) Check the "Output File" field to see where the slides will end up.
      (d) Click "Browse" to change this location.
      (e) Click "Yes" if you want to view the "Output" now.

Optional Advanced Instructions

Record Audio from Microphone and System Audio

Add Comments to Video

Editing the Video

Other Demo Videos

Adding Video and Audio Files to Bb Learn -- Instructors Only

Instructors and course assistants can add video or audio to Bb Learn. See the webpage below for instructions.

Captioning and Transcripts

Providing captioning for videos you create is highly recommended.

See Captions.