Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Advanced Use and Additional Notes


This webpage is for more advanced usage of, and additional notes on, Bb Collaborate Ultra. For simple, basic instructions, see the following webpage.

Settings for Course Room and Scheduled Sessions


Muting and Managing Participants and Raised Hands


Allow Guests Not Enrolled in the Bb Learn Course Shell

Join by Phone


Reports on Session Attendance

Additional Information

Recordings Are Visible to Anyone with Recording Web Address or URL

The people in the same Bb Learn course shell where the Collaborate Ultra room/session is hosted from can easily see Collaborate Ultra recordings.

HOWEVER, right now, if you just copy/paste the URL of a Collaborate Ultra recording, you can send it to anyone else, and they can view it in their internet browser, even if they are not logged into Bb Learn.

Drexel ITG has been notified of this multiple times, and Drexel ITG has asked Blackboard to fix this or at least post a note in Collaborate Ultra about it multiple times.

Also, by design, you can enable a guest link that will allow sharing of recordings.

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