Bb Collab Ultra -- Allowing Guests to See Recordings

Guest links should only be shared with someone who cannot already access the Bb Learn course section in which the Bb Collaborate Ultra room or session resides.

Here's how to allow guests from outside Drexel or outside of a Bb Learn course section into a Bb Collaborate Ultra room or session.

  1. Go to "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra" webpage in a Bb Learn course shell.
    Expand the Menu on the left hand side and click on “Recordings”.
    1 Bb Collab Ultra 3 lines menu recs v2.png
  2. Click the circled ellipsis or (…) icon of the recording you want to share.
    And select “Recording settings."
    2 Bb Collab Ultra ellipsis rec settings v2.png
  3. Make sure that “Allow public access” option is checked.
    3 Bb Collab Ultra rename recording and check public settings v2.png
  4. Click "Save" on the Bb Collaborate Ultra webpage.
    4 Bb Collab Ultra click Save v2.png