Zoom -- Audio Issues and Joining by Telephone

Change Windows 10 Speaker Output or Audio Output

  1. Click speaker icon.
    Then click ^ icon to choose a different speaker.Win 10 change audio output speakers 1 copy

  2. Select a speaker option.
    Win 10 change audio output speakers 2 copy

Change Zoom Audio Settings Outside of a Meeting

  1. (Windows) Click Start menu & open Zoom app.
    (Mac) Press Cmd + spacebar & search for Zoom.
    Zoom Change Win 10 Audio 1 - Open Zoom app on computer
  2. Click your avatar or initials icon & click Settings.|
    Zoom Change Win 10 Audio 2 - click initials and Settings
  3. Click Speaker option, and then Test Speaker.
    Zoom Change Win 10 Audio 3 - click Speaker - choose option - test speaker
  4. Click Microphone option, and then Test Microphone.
    Zoom Change Win 10 Audio 4 - click Microphone - choose option - test mic
  5. May want to check video options too.
    Zoom Change Win 10 Audio 5 - May want to check Video options too

Quick Fix During a Meeting

No one can hear you? And you are in a Zoom meeting.
Or they can hear you, but you can’t hear them?
Try this.

  • Make sure you have chosen your headphones, speaker, or microphone.
  • Follow the number order in screenshot below.
  • For below, speaker = headphones if you are using headphones.
    Zoom Audio Quick Fix v2.png

Still Issues?

  • Uncheck automatically adjust volume to raise microphone level.
  • Click “Audio Settings” & *raise* the speaker/headphone volume or microphone volume.
  • Or click “Switch to Phone Audio” in the screenshot above.

Test and Change Computer Audio Settings

Join by Telephone

Telephone-Only Conference Call?

  • Schedule a Zoom meeting.
  • But only share 1 or 2 of the Zoom meeting phone numbers, plus the Meeting ID.
  • See Zoom -- Scheduling
  • Phone number & Meeting ID are in the email or calendar invite.

International calls will cost money. International participants should attend by computer only to avoid charges.

Low Volume or Hard-to-Hear Audio?

If you are having trouble hearing a professor due to low audio, or bad audio, one possible work-around solution to try is to download/install the Chrome web browser and install the "Volume Master" extension from the Chrome Web Store at the link below.

We cannot find a similar link for Firefox as of yet. The above link has a good chance of working for other Chrome-based web browsers, such as the new Microsoft Edge and the Brave web browser, as well, which may be less resource intensive on your computer.