Connecting to Tux from Mac and Linux - SSH

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SSH (Secure SHell) is a command-line commonly used to connect to Tux. Most courses will expect you to interact with Tux, as it provides access to the full power of Linux and works from anywhere in the world and on network connections ranging from dial-up to FiOS. 

You will NOT receive an email anymore.

Instead, 1st time Tux users visit the same page they would to reset their password in order to initially set their password. This page is at:

To connect to Tux from Mac and Linux, you don't need to install any software. Everything you need is integrated into the operating system.         

  1. Find your terminal app - for Mac, this is in the "Utilities" folder in your "Applications" folder. For many Linux distributions, you can open a terminal with the keyboard shortcut control-alt-T.

     On a Mac, your Terminal app looks like this:
    mac terminal icon
    On a Linux, your Terminal app looks like this:
    linux terminal.png
  2. Once you have your Terminal app open, type the command "ssh" followed by your Drexel username and "". Then, press the Enter key.

     For example, if your username is abc123, you would type: "ssh" and press Enter.

  3. You will be prompted to enter your password. Note: nothing will show up when you type. Keep typing your password in normally and hit enter. 
  4.  Once you're logged in, please change your password to something you'll remember. Type the command "passwd" and press the Enter key. You'll be asked for your current password again. Then, you'll be asked for a new password twice (make sure they are the same). You should be told that your password was successfully updated if you enter 2 valid and identical passwords.