Printing at CCI Commons -- Windows

Windows 10 Instructions

  1. Download and install the Windows 10 drivers for the printer from the below page

  2. Go to the Start or Windows menu, search for "Settings."
    Add Printer Screen (Windows).PNG

  3. Hit the "+" icon to start the search for printers on the network. You will then want to scroll down till you see the hyperlink "The printer that I want isn't listed."
    Printer I have wasn't listed (Windows).PNG

  4. Once you hit that hyperlink, you will have a prompt to input a printer manually. You will choose the "Add printer using a  TCP/IP address or hostname", and then hit the "Next" button.
    TCP or IP Address Add.PNG

  5. After you hit "next" you will see a box to fill out. You will need to type in: ---or--- The port name will autofill according to the hostname or TCP/IP address, so you do not need to worry about inputting that.
    Hostname Address.PNG

  6. Hit "next" and you will be prompted to choose a network card for the printer. You can continue past this as the default setting is fine.
    Generic Network Card.PNG

  7. Click "HP" under Manufacturer or click "Have Disk..." and browse to exe and select it
    Correct Driver from list (After).PNG

  8. Do not share the printer with others

  9. After choosing this specific driver, click the "next" button to continue. You will then need to name the printer, the recommended name is CCI Commons Print ---or--- CCI Commons Print 2
    Correct Printer Naming (Windows).PNG

  10. After you hit "next," you will be prompted to share or not share the printer on the network. Choose "do not share." Otherwise, the install may error out.
  11. After hitting another "next," you will see a "Print test page" screen. It is recommended to do a test print with your device to make sure the printer added correctly. If your test print comes out correctly in black in white then you are all set!
    Test Print Page (Windows).PNG

You are all set for Windows printing!