Zoom -- Recordings with Playback Range - Edits Not Kept After Download

Information on Playback Range

  • Zoom is setting a “Playback Range” of the original recording, not modifying it.
  • So if the Zoom recording is downloaded,
    the downloaded recording will still be the original length,
    regardless of the playback range you set.
    But, of course, you can edit the downloaded video file.
  • Note: Zoom has a loophole where students can still view the full-length videos, even in Zoom:
    “Note: Playback range will not apply to users viewing cloud recordings on Internet Explorer, Safari, or on mobile devices,
    if they view the recording using low bandwidth mode.”
    This is unfortunate,
    but there is a good chance that few if any students will see the full version.
    See 3rd paragraph under

Keeping Edits

  • If you trim the video in Kaltura or Drexel Streams, or another actual video editor,
    the edits remain, even if downloaded (or played or shared).
  • Check Kaltura or Drexel Streams, and the “Zoom Recordings” folder in OneDrive,
    but there’s a good chance that your edits in Zoom don’t carry over.
    See Edit Video or Video Settings in Kaltura Drexel Streams
  • One useful thing to do here might be to take some screenshots of these Zoom video recording’s “Playback Range.”
    See step 3 & screenshot there at link below:
    Save these screenshots in a folder with course number or title
    in hidden-to-students folder in Bb Learn
    (or OneDrive or where you will, and named what you will).
  • Then when you post Kaltura videos in Bb Learn of these Zoom recordings,
    just find the vidoes in Drexel Streams at https://learn.dcolleget.net ,
    and do the quick and lite video editing & trimming
    using the time stamps shown in the “Playback Range” screenshots.