Zoom -- Joining a Zoom Meeting - No Link

The only options to join a Zoom meeting when you don’t have the Zoom meeting link are as follows:

  • Someone else in the meeting, particularly a host, co-host, or alternative host needs to do this.
  • They click "Participants" icon,
    and click the "Invite" button.
    Then send you the info.
  • Or they can get the Meeting ID, Passcode, and Join Link
    by clicking circled i icon
    shield icon
    in the top left corner of the Zoom Meeting window (during a meeting).

If you have the meeting ID but no link:

  • If a password is set
    (beyond Drexel authentication for Drexel meetings),
    you'll need that password too.
  • Visit https://drexel.zoom.us
  • Click “Join…”
  • Enter the Meeting ID.