Bb Learn Tracking

Last Access

If you are interested simply in when a student accessed a Bb Learn course section last, this information is often found in "Full Grade Center."

Enter "Full Grade Center" by clicking "Grade Center" under the "Control Panel" in the left-hand navigation panel, and click "Full Grade Center."

If you don't see a column showing "Last Access," do the following:

  1. In "Full Grade Center," click "Manage."
  2. Click "Column Organization."
  3. Check the box next to the "Last Access" column (appears as row).
  4. Click "Show/Hide."
  5. Click "Show Selected Columns."
  6. Click "Submit."
  7. Look for the "Last Access" column in the "Full Grade Center" table.

Performance Dashboard -- Last Access and Discussion Board Use

You can also see a student's last access.

Click "Evaluation" under "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel of a Bb Learn course section. Click "Performance Dashboard." And look at the "Last Course Access" column.

Performance Dashboard also lets you quickly see all the posts from a particular student in one or more Discussion Board forums and without using Grade Center or grading areas.

Click "Evaluation" under "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel of a Bb Learn course section. Click "Performance Dashboard." In the row of a student (or TA or Instructor), under the "Discussion Board" column, click the hyperlinked number. Then click the hyperlinked title under "FORUM" or hyperlinked number under "TOTAL POSTS."

Review Status

Content items in Bb Learn can also have the "Review Status" feature enabled on them so that student can indicate to you if they reviewed something. The following Bb Learn webpage provides more information.

Retention Center

Another feature in Bb Learn is the "Retention Center." By default, the "Retention Center" will track activity if 20% below the course average, last access if more than 5 days ago, if the grade is 25% below average (requires special set up), and if at least 1 deadline set in Bb Learn was missed. More on the "Retention Center" can be found at the following links. **Statistics tracking does NOT need to be turned on for any content items in Bb Learn for the "Retention Center" to track activity.**

For "Course Activity," please note the following taken from "Customize the Retention Center" section of the Blackboard Help webpage on the "Retention Center":

  • "Alert is based on students' overall activity within your course. Students who are below a defined level of activity trigger the alert. Blackboard measures the time a student works in a course using the data generated from his "clicks." A student is assumed to be working with a course from the time he clicks on something in the course until the time he clicks something outside the course or logs out. If a login session is timed out, Blackboard only counts the time until the last click within the course. The time is not counted between the last click within the course and the timeout. No weighting of clicks is assigned to any areas. Adaptive rules are not taken into account."

Blackboard Help Webpage on the "Retention Center"

To stop notifications from Retention Center:

  1. Enter your Bb Learn course section.
  2. Click Grade Center in left navigation > Retention Center > Customize.
  3. Click box to select all Rules or Risks.
  4. Click Delete, and then OK to Confirm.

Course Reports

You can use the "Course Reports" feature to get numbers on course usage and activity. See the following page for more information.

Tracking File Downloads

We have a separate page on tracking whether a student clicked on a file to download it. See the following page.

Analytics 4 Learn (A4L)

There is a tool for course analytics in Bb Learn called "Analytic 4 Learn" (A4L). See the following page for more information on A4L.