Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) General Info

Info on MFA

DUIT's website below does a great job helping with 1st time set-up.

CHECK THE "Do not ask again for 60 days" CHECKBOX, when prompted.

  • Aside from the VPN, most applications and websites that ask for your Drexel MFA
    will give you an option to not be asked for your MFA again for 2 months (60 days).
  • UNLESS you are on a public computer, or someone else's computer. 
    Do NOT check this then.

Optional - Microsoft Authenticator App

The Microsoft Authenticator App can be installed on Android or iOS.
It is a great method of authentication.

Many people find the app easier to use once set up than text message and phone call. 

You can approve/deny MFA requests on Apple iWatch, once this is set-up on a connected iPhone.

How to Install and Configure the Authenticator App

How to Use The Authenticator App

  1. Login to some Office 365 app or in
  2. *Remember* to check the box to allow the device for 60 days (if prompted - no prompt with VPN).
    So you don’t have to keep authenticating.
    Do NOT do this if you are on a public computer or someone else’s device!

  3. When prompted to approve access using MFA,
    look for a notification on your phone.

    If you do not see a notification,
    open the app on your phone,
    click into the account for Drexel or your Drexel email,
    & click any refresh or circling arrow icons.

  4. Tap "Approve."

Authentication Already Approved on a Web Browser

The user can follow these instructions below for adding in another option for MFA, and similarly, the user can also delete the old MFA option. This can only work if authentication is already approved, and will not work otherwise.

  1. Visit in a web browser
  2. Sign into your account and MAKE SURE that you do not need to authenticate the session
  3. Once logged in, click the option to add an authentication method (the + or plus sign)
  4. Add email, or phone, or authenticator app as the new method (Note, make sure to get a telephone call rather than a text message)
  5. You can try out the new MFA method out at in a private tab
  6. As a final reminder, you should also set this method, if it works, to the default method

For more detailed instructions, see:

No Authentication Approved

See the following page: