Azure Dev Tools for Teaching or Education - Visio, Project, and Other Microsoft Downloads


Licensed downloads and keys for Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and even Windows 10 and possibly other Windows OS's that you can install on personal machines, can be obtained by all Drexel Faculty, Staff and Students at the following link:

Microsoft Project does NOT work on Macbooks or macOS or iPads or iOS.

Microsoft Visio also does NOT work on Macbooks or macOS or iPads or iOS.

Visio for Mac

There is no such as as Visio for Mac. Microsoft makes Visio, but they don't make it for Mac. You will need to use an alternative app or program.

  • There are lots of alternative apps or programs for Mac that do diagramming and flowcharts and UML as well.
  • So if you just need flowcharts or UML or other diagramming tools similar to Visio,
    see our suggestions at: Diagrams, Wireframing, Prototyping Tools - Adobe XD, Balsamic, Miro, More.
  • Try the above first, before asking for help with Visio with Mac.
  • If you need to use Visio specifically, but only have a Mac, email But ONLY if you are a Drexel CCI faculty or pro staff or student member & need Visio specifically and nothing else for a class assignment or Drexel University research.


  1. Visit
    This takes you to Microsoft's Azure Developer Tools homepage.
  2. Click the blue "Sign In" button.
    Login (if prompted) with DrexelOne or Drexel Connect credentials.
  3. You may see Visio or other software you need right there
    If not, proceed with next steps.
  4. Click on your person icon in upper right.
    Might be a picture you chose & different from screenshot below.
  5. Click Azure Portal.
    Close any help or info windows.
    If you do NOT see Azure Portal, just move onto the next step below anyway.
    Azure Dev Tools - click person icon in upper right then Azure Portal.png
  6. Select “Education” under "Azure services."
    May need to scroll down to see "Azure services."
    6 Azure Dev Tools Visio Education.png

  7. Click "Software" in the left navigation pane to browse.
    Or search "Software." 

    7 Azure Dev Tools Visio Software.png

  8. Type in text in the "Search" text box to search for software/applications,
    such as "Visio"(without quotes). Just one example.
    For this search, do *not* search in the "Search resources, services, and docs (G + /)" box.

    8 Azure Dev Tools Visio Visio Search.png

    9 Azure Dev Tools Visio Visio Search result.png

  9. Select “Visio Professional 2019 (Windows Only)” .
    Or select whatever the software is you are looking for.

    10 Azure Dev Tools Visio Visio professional 2019.png

  10. Copy the Download URL from right side panel.

    If you already have the software installed, and it's the same year of software,
    click "View Key" instead, and Google where in the software to enter the license key.
    If that fails, you may need to reinstall the software.

    11 Azure Dev Tools Visio Download Link.png

Notes & Troubleshooting

    If you cannot find Visio or other software,
    be sure you are logged in with your DrexelOne or Drexel Connect credentials.
    *ALSO*, try logging in a different web browser,
    and/or in a new private/incognito/inprivate tab or window
    in both your preferred and a different web browser.

    1 Azure Dev Tools Visio Sign in.png
  • Choose a local account when you install Win 10.
  • Choose 64-bit versions of software, if offered.
    If your laptop was made in 2011 or before, Google the laptop's make and model and whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • There are TWO Windows 10 Education keys/downloads available per user at Drexel at Azure Dev Tools.
  • Windows 10 Education is recommended for first use over Windows 10 Education N.
    You can use either. Or you can use both if you have two different computers or VM's.
  • Difference between Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Education N?
    Windows 10 Education N is missing built-in media/video/audio/conferencing apps,
    like Windows Media Player, Camera, Music, TV & Movies, Skype, etc.
  • Need a 3rd Windows 10 Education license?
    ELMS/e-Academy Online/onthehub does offer Drexel students a 3rd Windows 10 Education license.
    Login to (DrexelOne), click CAMPUS+COMMUNITY,
    scroll down and look in the middle column for "Hardware and Software,"
    click "eAcademy: Online Store".
    This is one way to get to the ELMS on onthehub for Drexel.
    In the Featured or Microsoft areas, look for a Windows 10 Education icon, click it, click "Add to Cart" next to "Free," go to your cart, checkout, and purchase (though no money will be involved).
    Follow instructions on-screen or in email that gets sent to you.
    This is Windows 10 Education, not Windows 10 Education N.

Additional Information

Azure Dev-tools FAQ

If the above instructions still do not work, and if you are a Drexel CCI student/staff/faculty member,
please send us a screenshot at of what you see in the furthest step you can get to above.

If you do not know how to take a screenshot, see:

If you need help using Visio, see: